Mother, business woman, community servant, and candidate for Florida House

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I never expected to run for office. I'm not a politician , I'm a mom, a business woman, and a community advocate . Now I'm committed to running for office because I'm disappointed.

I'm disappointed that we, the people, are not being heard on the issues that affect us most. In Tallahassee, the same policies and ideologies have dominated for the past 20 years. What has that gotten us? A public education system that struggles for funding, a depleted environment where we worry about our water supply, and leaders who are disconnected from their communities and put the interests of their party first. It’s time for change.

Let’s create it together.

Join me. #ItTakesaVillage

Meet Franccesca

Miami has been Franccesca's home since she immigrated from Peru with her family at age 8. She has spent most of her life in District 115, and is a proud graduate of Miami-Dade Public Schools and a first-generation college graduate.

Helping her community has always been at the heart of Franccesca's professional and personal life. She turned her master’s in public administration degree from Florida International University into a career advising nonprofits on the business strategies they need to strengthen communities. She has over 14 years of experience, working with community based organizations, international development organizations (NGOs) and institutions of higher education that specialize in education, family planning, domestic violence and other social services. Currently she works as a director of finance and operations for a department at Georgetown University.

A committed community servant, she serves as a leader and mentor for a range of organizations, is a member and the former chair of the Miami-Dade Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board. More recently, she has taken on the rewarding responsibility of Troop Leader for her daughters’ Girl Scout group.

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