Smart, forward-thinking leadership for Florida’s 115th

A strong, compassionate voice for our community

My name is Franccesca Cesti-Browne, and I’m a businesswoman, community advocate, and mother. And like you, I am disappointed.

Disappointed that our children’s public education system has dangerously low funding.

Disappointed that our environment is so depleted that we worry about our water supply.

Disappointed that our representatives neglect their communities and put the interests of their party before those of the people they’re supposed to serve.

But there’s good news too.

A powerful champion for change in 2020

This November, you can elect a proven leader with the experience and vision to guide us forward.

Will you join me?

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We can do so much better in Tallahassee

Make no mistake: this is a local election that can help turn Florida around. It could win us a Democratic majority in our House, which would give us a fairer, more effective government that works for all the people.

Let’s flip it BLUE!

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Franccesca’s vision for Florida

An unemployment system that works

Let’s increase the weekly maximum benefit and pass a platform that works to make sure all Floridians can get back on their feet during tough times.

Robust public education

Let’s fully fund our public school and early childhood programs so they are the best choice for Florida’s families, and let’s pay our dedicated teachers and staff what they deserve.

Access to affordable healthcare

Let’s make sure we help working families who have to pay way-too-high healthcare expenses by expanding Medicaid and working toward lower prescription costs.

A protected, healthy environment

Let’s take action now to prepare our community to be resilient and ensure we stay safe from the effects of sea-level rise and climate change.

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