My vision for our district and Florida

“Private life and business rely on public resources.”

Fix unemployment assistance

A strong unemployment insurance system makes sure that all our citizens can survive times of hardship. Sadly, Florida’s unemployment system ranks 47th in the US and was designed to be difficult to access and use. Let’s change that by modernizing our system and making it work for everyone who needs it.

Invest in public schools

For too long, Florida has diverted tax dollars out of our public schools toward educational institutions that refuse to meet the same high standards. We must ensure that all public schools are completely funded and that any other public money only goes to schools that meet the standards of public education.

Protect our environment

Rising sea levels brought on by climate change place our low-lying district in danger, and a shortage of clean drinking water is becoming a dire threat. Let’s shift course and focus on policies that protect our environment and invest in the future health and safety of our district and state.

Engage with the community

Too many politicians get elected and then neglect the community that put them in office by focusing more on the needs of their party than the people they represent. When in office, I promise to stay connected to our community and make sure I put our interests first.

Offer quality affordable healthcare

In 2020, healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Let’s make sure our state government embraces all the available resources at the state and federal level. This will guarantee that all Floridians are covered and feel confident they can get the best medical care available when they need it.

Defend democracy

In 2018, 65% of Floridians passed Amendment 4 and restored the right to vote to people who had repaid their debt to society. Since then, Republican legislators have imposed a tax on these citizens to functionally suppress their vote. I propose we repeal this tax and stand up for bottom-up governance in Florida that’s for the people and by the people.

Pass common-sense gun laws

The nation-wide epidemic of mass shootings has brought so much fear into our communities, and the recent tragedies in Parkland and Pulse have brought them even closer to home. We must pass laws that protect our children and all our citizens, making sure we give people the freedom to feel safe in their own towns, homes, and schools.

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